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Onsite installation
Available with accredited installers

Our Starlink Flatmount Process

Step 1

Starlink & Starlink Mount Purchase

Purchase your Starlink (Unless you already have one). Visit our store HERE and purchase your preferred mount solution. Make sure you set your plan to ROAM!

Step 2

Receive your Starlink mount

Once your order is placed you will be updated along the way from leaving our warehouse to your doorstep with the Shop App or Email Notifications. Of course you can contact us anytime for an update on your order.

Step 3

Watch Install Videos 

View our resources on our website or scan your QR code with your mount to find out how to build your kit.

Step 4

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

At any time you have questions during the build or when using your Starlink Flatmount products  you can contact us for support. Note we can’t help with starlink billing issues, you have to contact starlink direct by clicking here

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